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  • Eddie Jones 9134178 (U.S.) .



    I made the same request. No response. I'm sure some team somewhere thought it was a good idea but the broke rule #1 of web design: functionality for users over fun for the design team. Also, frames within frames went out in 1999. For almost 20 years web designers have been taught to avoid frames since it limits the user's ability to see and input values. Now 80% of the page is used for marketing, navigation, information ... leaving only 20% of user interface space. There are times when I can't even tell into which value field I am inputing data. 

    I don't like complaining about something in which I had no say, but since loading meta data and uploading files IS important, I wish IngramSpark would give users the option to revert. If not, I may simply begin opening tickets and ask the IP Team to load the values for me. 

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