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New interface - pricing



  • sarahkatfraser

    Hi there, I'm having the same problem trying to upload a new title. My print pricing (which is well over the amount need according to Ingram's price guide) will 'generate negative publisher income'. The Print Info page also resets all my pricing when I try to move to the next page, so I get an error message saying my prices aren't entered correctly. 

    Have you managed to get around this glitch?

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  • B. Morris Allen

    On this point, I give credit to Ingram support for being responsive. They fixed the problem within a few hours, and I was able to complete setup (print version still 'processing', which is a problem I had with my last title, but I'm hoping is temporary here).

    The new interface does tell me that 90 (!) of my titles are missing pricing info for markets, but I can't find any missing markets. That's an annoying glitch, but it doesn't actually interfere with anything.

    Overall, the new interface needs a fair amount of work.

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