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Hardcover sent with wrong interior pages



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Hello, Bridget.

    I haven't experienced that issue, but respond to your post to know that I have read it.

    You're right, It's one thing to get a faulty book oneself, it's much more concerning that customers should get one.


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  • Katherine Vellos

    Bridget — a version of this happened to me too! A friend of mine ordered my book in another state, and when she received it, the first 20 pages of so were pages of another book. It was a bunch of weird crops from a childrens book, and they were the first 20 pages of the book before my actual book content started. 

    I was absolutely horrified to learn of this. I'm grateful that it happened to my friend, who immediately texted me to let me know and sent me photos and a video of it, which I contacted Ingram about. But I have no idea if this has also happened to real customers who are strangers and who might not have contacted me to tell me.

    It makes us look incredibly unprofessional. And it makes me question Ingram's professionalism and printing trust as well.

    When I spoke Ingram chat about it, they were incredible nonchalant: "If the eproof turned out okay and you had no other issues with orders you placed before it is most likely a one-off production issue." They said my friend should contact Amazon to ask for a new book. That was it. :(

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