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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    1) I was confused at first as well. But just convert the image to grey-scale and save it as TIFF. Remember the size to get the 300dpi requirement. A 3x3 inch picture in the book requires a 900x900px image.

    2) I had never had a problem with IS and ink coverage. I found this on the Net (it said 250, but you should adjust to 240% recomended by IS):

    A simple way to fix this is in Photoshop, to choose Edit > Color Settings. Click on CMYK in working spaces, choose custom CMYK then reduce your total ink limit to 250, choose ok, then ok again. Now convert to cmyk by clicking Image > Mode > CMYK. Your ink saturation is now at or below 250%. 


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  • curt

    Thanks Erik,

    The Ingram Spark file creation document seems maddeningly vague on certain points. The image I was using as a test is a scan of an old black and white image. It definitely has dark areas that exceed the 250 threshold. I also looked at a color image that I want to use for the cover, and it had the same issue in dark areas.

    Looking at the Ingram Spark book uploading process, it appears that there is no good way to upload a portion of a book, like a chapter, as a test run to head off issues before attempting to upload the entire book, correct?

    Anyway, thanks for your reply!


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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    If you use the black-and-white image as grey-scale, there should be no problem.

    If you use PhotoShop to adjust the threshold on the colour image to 240, it should be fine in all areas.

    Why not talk/write to support and ask if they can check a portion of the book (at no charge). I use the British support and they are always helpful and kind.

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