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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    First, you may use the Publishers Compensation Calculator in the Help > Tool menu.

    Do you expect bookstores to order some copies and put it on their shelf? Is it likely? If not, you don't have to set the wholesale discount to 55%. I don't know if online book stores makes the book easier to discover if the discount is high. I set the discount between 40% and 55%. A hardcover may have a lower discount because of the higher production cost, or there could be other considerations.

    I use a spreadsheet to make all kinds of calculations and show prices in different currencies.

    Another thing. How much value do you put on your head work? A low price may show low value. Do you diminish your work to compete with others, or do you see it as some unique and special? What about the energy exchange? What will people expect to get for a low price? Does they buy it for the low price or for the content? It has really nothing to do with: "I don't have to live from the sale, so I can sell the book for a low price." I could write on and on about this subject.

    I price my ebooks to half of the printed book, but one can also see it at just two different formats, and people can choose the one they like best. Then one can price tag them equally. To apply to the iBook/Apple pricing, it must have a XX.99 price.

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