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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    It is clearly from your ebook. The epub file is actually a zip/compressed/archive file containing different files.

    All items are listed in the content.opf file. An image's media-type should be "image/jpg" like this:

    <item id="unicorn_cover02.jpg" href="Images/unicorn_cover02.jpg" media-type="image/jpeg"/>

    In the book.ncx (or toc.ncx) I have this line (the ISBN) in the <head> part:

    <meta content="9788792980717" name="dtb:uid"/>


    In the content.opf I have these lines:

    <dc:identifier id="bookid">9788792980717</dc:identifier>



    I generate the epub from Adobe InDesign and must edit this each time. I also have to make changes to the fonts used.


    I do all the editing in the epub file with the software Sigil: 

    Download for Windows and Mac:

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