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Condition Of Orders Using Basic Shipping



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    My experience is, the (inadequate) automatic packing where the books are placed in one corner of the cardboard box surrounded by curled-up paper, courses the damage, because the box will naturally fall on that corner. All the printers I know, packs this way.

    One or two books send in an cardboard envelope are never damaged.

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  • E Faith Mayo

    Thanks for responding, Erik. That has been my concern all along, even with regular shipping. It is wholly illogical to believe there will not be damage if the books are not protected from the scrunched/curled Kraft paper. Sturdy cardboard pieces need to be added to the stack ends to prevent this. And I find it hard to believe when they state the industry approves of this packing method. That causes damaged goods??? Someone is lying to someone, and I'm not falling for it. Who is that stupid, Erik? WHEW! I'm experiencing problem after problem with these people even though some staff members are nice. Too bad "NICE" can't be the way to describe the folks running this operation. And I am much too old to keep dealing with such nonsensical issues. Anyway, thanks again, Erik.

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