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  • B. Morris Allen

    The cover template gives you the dimensions you'll need for the cover. Ingram's approach is a bit more awkward than most, because it gives you a full sheet, only part of which is the cover. You'll need to develop your cover using other software.

    I recommend GIMP, which is free. Send yourself Ingram's template as a PDF, import it into GIMP, then fit your cover elements within the safety zone of the Ingram template.

    (If you want to get more sophisticated, import the template as a layer, delete the front cover text template, set their pink background to the transparent color, and voila - you can easily see whether your elements fit.I also save a layer without the blue safety marks, to serve as the overall background when I export the final to pdf.)

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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Hi there.

    You can't use the JPG format, because the pdf file to IS must contain the CMYK colour format. TIF can be used (and png in Photoshop can be saved in CMYK format too). The pictures must be 300 dpi. (300 px covers 1 inch).

    Read the "File Creation Guide" and use the "Cover Template Generator" at IS's Help > Tools.

    PS. The cover template will contain the ISBN which you type in when generating it.

    I use Adobe InDesign for both the book block and the cover. It has a steep learning curve.

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