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QR code for free eBook in print book



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    You may use LinklokURL from

    I can send you the manual (for version 2.70) if you give me an email address.

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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    You can use THE SAME QR code and the ebook file will be hidden.

    When the customer uses the QR it sent them to a web page where they type in name and email address. After submitting the info, they receive a download link via e-mail.

    Only the filename is shown in the link like 978879298007.epub. One will be able to get the path to the landing page through the link and share it, but at least you will know their e-mail address. They will still be able to share the e-book no matter what. 




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  • Debra Schiman

    Thanks Erik.  I don't see a reply button that clearly indicates I am replying to your to reply rather than my own question! So I hope you see this. 

    My please send to

    When you say 'YOU CAN USE THE SAME QR CODE' what do you mean 'same a what?  I have not yet used a QR code. 
    I would like to have a QR code in my Print book, so customers can download the eBook for free as the print book will have to be expensive! I will have to risk them passing it on to other people. 

    Can I advertise the fact that the paperback includes a link to the free eBook (in my description and elsewhere), or do I simply have to have it there for them to read that this there is a link? generate a 

    Will using the LinklokURL from generate a webpage or will I need to build it? If I need to build it can I add it to my own website as a hidden page?

    I need the QR code to be in print books I sell offline as well as online. So customers who already have the print book can get the eBook for free with the QR code, rather than buying the paperback and eBook together.  Although, buying both together will be an option I'd like to offer too. 

    So I need two options. 

    1) free eBook to customers of the print book

    2) Paperback and eBook together.

    Will that need I 2 QR codes?

    Option one wont involve a payment - so is PayPal still required in the equation? 

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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    We, who have commented will all get the replies.

    The same code, means that you don't need a different code in each book, you just place the picture of the QR in your book block. - You must place a normal link (not active) for those who can't use the QR.

    You can advertise the book contains a link to the free e-book.

    LinklokURL contains a small landing page. You don't have to make a webpage. It does not have to be hidden, because you send a link out to it anyway. Most customers wouldn't think about it.

    You can use the same link/QR code for offline as well as online sales. It is just a normal link to a page, but linklok controls that only people who had submitted name and e-mail address will get it.

    The QR is just the link to the e-book download, so you only need one. (easy to generate online).

    You must only have two options, as you would have anyway. 1) Buy the printed book which includes a link to the free e-book [£11.99] 2) e-book [£???].

    Paypal is not used in the LinklokURL.

    You may use LinklokPaypal to sell the printed book and the e-book (with another download link in that 'system') separately. I assume some will only want the e-book and must pay for it.

    I will e-mail you a link to my 'test' landing page so you can check i out.


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