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Gimp downgrading images possibly creating validation issue



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Please contact support. The UK support is nice and friendly:

    US and Canada:
    United Kingdom:
    (Please include your account number in the subject line. Sending an email to multiple addresses may delay the response time).

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  • Debra Schiman

    "Please contact support. The UK support is nice and friendly:"

    Thanks Erik. Friendliness is a wonder human trait but I have contacted hem on this and they say they are not experts and I should contact the community!

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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    They might not be able to answer the GIMP issue. I don't use GIMP.

    No matter what you are shown about dpi, you can calculate what the size of the picture should be: 'size' x 300 = px. A printed 5 in wide picture must be 5 x 300 = 1500 px wide.

    After validation you will get an e-mail and can download a pdf proof so you can check if the font shows. (You really don't need the font for your title in the text block, only on your cover).

    If you use "save as" in Word, try to set check at the PDF/A compability. Can't you use "Export"?





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  • Tinker Books

    In gimp you can change the resolution under: Image>scale image. Set the size and resolution.
    Exporting to PDF from gimp gives your a version 1.5 pdf (Acrbat 6) Inkshares will export to 1.4 or 1.5 but I find it impossible to work with. Open office writer will export to pdf:x-1a version 1.4. Ingram wants 1.4. Open Office Create an new document the cover template size and add images. Open office works well for formatting interior files too.


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