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  • B. Morris Allen

    I what way is it unreadable, and how are you converting it?

    This sounds like a problem that should be easily cured with a css stylesheet.

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  • Ray slade,

    The hanging paragraphs appear on the far right side of the page and the layout is not uniform.

    I must say, I have only used KDP's conversion program, and not as yet converted to ePub. 

    sounds like I need to learn CSS


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  • B. Morris Allen

    The good news is that CSS is very easy to learn. An invaluable resource is:


    The essence of it all is that each EPUB has one or more stylesheets, which define how text looks (via styles, which work much like styles in your word processor).


    For example, a paragraph might be defined in the stylesheet as:

    .ProseMain {




    text-align: justify;



    That tells the display device that when the ProseMain style is applied, the first line is indented a couple of spaces, the font is regular sized Cambria or other serif font, and the paragraph is justified.


    It could be applied as


    <p class="ProseMain">This is the text</p>


    So, you define your styles once, and apply them as needed.


    If you take some time to set everything up right, and you apply styles in your word processor, the later effort is minimal. For example, I use LibreOffice, and use a style there called ProseMain. When I export that file to HTML format (using a plugin), the ProseMain style is preserved. All I have to do is add the file to my EPUB, apply the stylesheet, and all the formatting is done. (there are one or two more steps, but it's easy).


    I use Sigil (it's free) to edit the EPUB, but Calibre has a similar feature built in.

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  • Ray slade,

    Thank for that. Helpful response.. I'll pursue it..




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