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compensation 5 cents???



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Yes, this must be a mistake! 

    Just to check it out:

    Contact support:
    US and Canada:
    United Kingdom:
    (Please include your account number in the subject line. Sending an email to multiple addresses may delay the response time).

    I always use the UK.

  • Karen Joy Davy

    Thank you, Erik. I've emailed the support for the US.

  • Karen Joy Davy

    Sorry, Erik, and any other members of the community who may read this--it was actually 50 cents per book. But to me, that seems incredibly low for self-publishing. I have a book available on KDP, and I make about $4 per book that costs 9.00. 

    I can't understand why my return with Ingram Spark would be so low. I thought at first I'd figured it wrong, so re-watched the tutorial and saw that the return is indeed low, although percentage-wise, mine didn't line up with the tutorial example, my return being lower.

    Does 50 cents seem the right publisher compensation for a book priced at 15.99?

    It hardly seems worth it to publish at all, at that rate.

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    I am sure that support can give you an answer. I have seen this kind of comment one time before. It was about a 300 pages soft cover.

    What data do you type in the Compensation Calculator. I would like to see it form myself.

  • Karen Joy Davy

    Hello Erik,

    I took a picture and tried to upload it here, but I get a message saying uploads are limited to 2 MB, so I don't know how to show it to you.

    This is really frustrating. I read somewhere that compensation for the author would be 47%. 


  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    The compensation for the author will vary on the print cost, wholesale discount and list price.

    I only need the following to test it on the publisher compensation calculator:

    trim size

    B/W or color

    Paperback or hardback

    Page count

    List price

    Wholesale discount

    (and the market)


  • Karen Joy Davy


    black and white


    456 pages

    $15.99 US

    55% discount


  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Damn! Your are right!

    The list price is simply too low for the large page count.
    You may reduce page count by selecting the largest trim size in the lowest cost per page category: 6.14 x 9.21 in.
    See here: (prices will increase 2% April 1.)
    Use narrower margins FX top/outer 0.6 in and bottom/inner 0.8 in.
    You may change to a different font which can be read with a smaller pt or less line space. (Palatino Linotype)

    I don't know the genre, but your choice on 55% wholesale discount suggests, that you expect brick and mortar bookstores to put your book on the shelves. If you expect to sell as print on demand from online stores, you may reduce it to 35-40%.

    If you use 356 pages, same list price and 40%, you will get USD 4.

    [Are you putting too little value on your work? Is it the price that should drive people to buy the book or do you want those people who appreciate the contents over the price to buy it? Just a little philosophy from an 'old' man.] 🦋

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Just by changing the trim size you can reduce the page count by 18 % which gives 374 pages.

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