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Why Is My Brand New Book Already On Amazon As Used?



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Re-sellers can set the price as they wish, but you will still get your compensation (royalties) that shows in your books setup. I don't understand why Amazon sets the price much less than your RRP. Is is Amazon or a seller USING Amazon as a marketplace?
    I sometimes see the 'USED', but it might be a glitch in the seller's system.
    Have you re-checked your settings (prices) at Ingram Spark?

  • Nathalie M.L. Römer

    I inquired with Amazon about to receive the answer: "You can contact the seller individually to ask them to remove the listing."

    The instructions I received is to select the Seller under Seller information, and "offer listing" of the book (include the link with the number shown and then on the Seller's page click on Ask A Question which opens a new page where you can give the offer listing link and ask them to remove the book in question from their database.

    Personally, I find the system misleading. If there are NO books showing as sold on Ingram Spark such sellers SHOULD NOT be able to list they are selling books secondhand. Secondly, I'm the vendor of my books. Isn't that the whole purpose of "self-publishing," i.e. that you, the author, can do a book and sell it directly to the public. Why should any third party be allowed to bypass US, the authors, and offer our books for sale.

    Ingram Spark, maybe you can do something about this on all our behalfs. Because I released a book six days ago. If books were selling at Amazon they SHOULD be selling with Amazon as a retailer NOT as a distributor, which they make themselves out to be by letting vendors list my books. If no books are sold according to my account at Ingram Spark I don't want people pretending to have my book for sale secondhand.

    When I dealt with these vendors before I got excuses such as "it's a glitch with Amazon's database" and "I'm sure some books must be for sale secondhand." I know precisely how many books are sold, and frankly, you need to be more demanding with Amazon that it ONLY acts as a retailer and doesn't include books for sale to vendors. I'm the publisher and I should be able to dictate who sells my books at retail sites. Add a "NO" option for selling through third party vendors on retail sites for example.

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Just a personal note: In a sense, 'anyone' can sell anything on Amazon. I can't see, how this can be controlled.

  • Mathis B. Rogers

    I used Createspace to publish my print book in 2011, and it's been available there since then.  I've sold 25 copies myself over the years to friends and family, and some at events I've attended.  But Amazon has sold only 2.  It's okay, my readers want eBooks, not print, and they have purchased the Kindle version from Amazon, and several have purchased eBooks through Smashwords. However, when I look at this print book on Amazon, it shows there are several "used" books available at different prices.  Again, Amazon has only sold 2 and I did get the royalties for those.  Since most of the 25 I've sold were to family and friends in person, I know they still have their autographed copies.  Also, when I look at the information about the used copies of the book they're selling, some say it doesn't have a dust jacket.  Really?  It's a paper back.  Last I knew paper backs don't have dust jackets.  I have been tempted to actually purchase one to see what I receive.

    A friend from my critique group did contact all of the places offering her book for new for less than she's selling it and told them that they needed to send her her royalties for what they have sold and to raise the price to what she's selling it for on Amazon.   They promptly removed their links to the books.  They didn't send her any royalties.

    A friend of a member of my group published a book through Createspace and set it to not sell anywhere except Amazon. Weeks after release, he noticed other places on the book at Amazon showing used versions available.  Amazon hadn't sold any. I haven't heard from her what he did, but it does look like that as Authors, we need to keep an eye on our books.

    I just published a book for a client through IngramSpark, so this is my first experiance with Ingram.  So far, it's been a good one and I will probably begin recommending we publish here to future clients.









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