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How to find and save to PDF/X-1a:2001



  • Wilma/WK Bartel/9049145/wkbartel

    From which application are you exporting your file?

  • Molly Hill


  • Wilma/WK Bartel/9049145/wkbartel

    I'm kind of new at this and don't often work with Word to export files for IS, so someone else may find an answer more quickly than I. But I will do some research and get back to you. Do you know how to check a file to see if the fonts are embedded? THANKS!

  • Sally Stone

    Hi Molly,

    You can create a PDF/X-1a:2001 file from InDesign. InDesign is an Adobe program used to layout books.

    But since you've already designed your book in Word, it would be pretty inconvenient to redo your book in a different software program.

    There's a workaround you can try, but I don't know if it will work—I use InDesign so I haven't tried this. 

    First save your MS Word document as a PDF. Then open that PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. In Adobe Acrobat, go to File, Save as Other, then choose Press Ready PDF/X. You'll be asked to save that file. Once you do that, you'll have a new file you can upload to Ingram. I've provided a screenshot so you can see what it looks like.

    I use InDesign, but this could work. Let me know. Good luck!


  • Molly Hill

    Thank you! I will try and let you know. I am so appreciative of all this. Fingers crossed!

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