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epub file name



  • Metaphorosis

    You can name the file anything you choose. I tend to avoid spaces and odd characters, just to be safe, but Title_Author_version.epub should be fine.

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    To add to Metaphorosis' comment: I upload an EPUB 2 generated from InDesign, and it works fine. (If I set the Font Obfuscation to None in the epub file.

  • lkwparn

    Thanks so much for your comments! Does the file name not have to match any line of code within the HTML or CSS? I, too, use InDesign's export to EPUB and usually a version 2.0, but I read that IngramSpark requires version 3.0. Not true? (That's the only reason I used Calibre)

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    @lkwparn: EPUB 3 is for interactive ebooks, but a lot of devices can't read the format. Most ebooks have no interactive stuff anyway.

    File names are placed between " " in he epub, but I have found that picture names should not have spaces (when added into InDesign).

    The font descriptions always seems to have the wrong description, but Calibre's FlightCrew plug in picks it up.


  • lkwparn

    OK, thanks! I see now IngramSpark guidelines have a discrepancy about either EPUB 2 or 3. I just uploaded version 2 instead. (Usually I export to EPUB from InDesign w/out fonts embedded, edit in Sigil, and validate with EPUBCheck.) 

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Thanks for the response! 🦋

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