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Amazon Kindle



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    It may only take a few days. I think it depends on what day in the week the book is published. I don't know if it is Amazon or Ingram Spark that converts the epub to mobi (Kindle).

    Let us see if someone from Ingram Spark comment on this.

  • Dover, Pam

    Hello Susan,

    I have the support team looking into this and will let you know what they find out.

    Thank you,



  • Susan Schaefer

    Thanks Pam!  I appreciate the help.

  • Susan Schaefer

    Hi Pam,

    Is there any update?  As of today it's still not listed on Amazon Kindle.  I just want to make sure that there isn't something we're suppose to do in order to make it happen.


    Thank you.

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