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IngramSpark customer service is lacking



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Hello, Robert.

    All I can say is that I have always had good experiences with the international support (UK). Sorry, that you have this experience.

  • Dover, Pam

    Hi Robert,

    I am sorry to hear of the problem you experienced. I understand you spoke with the US support team supervisor yesterday about this issue and hope you are pleased with the outcome.

    We sincerely appreciate you sharing your concern and appreciate your business.


  • Robert Deis/Wyatt Doyle

    Thanks Erik, and thanks Pam. Yes, I did hear from the supervisor, and I'm assured the missing books are now in process. I appreciate that Spark is correcting its mistake. But I had to pull the fire alarm to get that attention, speaking to two different reps and posting my grievance here and on social media before that happened. And that's after initially speaking to a rep by phone and filing a claim 6 days earlier. I only hit the panic button after I was told it could be an additional 2 days before I'd even learn whether Spark would acknowledge their error and complete the order! And then there's still printing and shipping time, and we have orders to fill now. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that could take another 2 days as well.

    No paying customer with a years-long relationship with Spark should have to go to such extremes for basic, timely customer service. They shorted the order a few books; what could be easier to set right? As I said to the supervisor, I understand not every support request can be resolved instantly, and supervisors aren't always available immediately. But when the error is 100% Spark's, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect customer service to prioritize putting things right. Four business days (and a weekend) to wait for an answer on whether Spark would even send the books we'd been shorted is not good service by any reasonable standard.

    Additionally, I've asked -- begged! -- Spark service reps for years now to rethink their phone system, which, in busy times, can keep customers on hold for 20 minutes or more (in the past, as long as 45-60 minutes) before automatically disconnecting them! No "leave your number and we'll call you back," just "Goodbye!" And you're back to the end of the queue. Everyone at Spark I've discussed this with agrees that's a profoundly frustrating thing to endure, yet that's the way it's been for years now.

    I like Spark's products, but I think their customer service has a long way to go. (I say this as a longtime Spark customer and as one who spent many years in customer service.) I hope they will take these comments to heart. I think Spark prints great looking books, and I very much want to love the rest of the Spark experience. But their approach to customer service has so far made that impossible.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Martha

    Hi Robert,

    I agree with you 100%. I have been dealing with the same absurd delays in communication and, in some cases, a complete lack of response or follow-through altogether from IngramSpark customer service. I've worked with IngramSpark for several years now and am in the process of setting up our next book title which I was hoping to have available for print and distribution at the end of April or beginning of May. I requested samples of both matte and gloss covers back on March 20 so we could move forward with our title set-up and begin the printing process. It wasn't until I submitted a second inquiry that Elizabeth, apparently the only person who processes sample requests for IngramSpark, responded indicating that she had been away from the office and that all requests simply sat on her desk to be processed until she returned a full week later. On April 4, a full 15 days after my original request, I received only the gloss cover sample in the mail. When I reached out to Elizabeth once again, she indicated she would expedite the printing and shipping of the matte cover. We are now another 2 weeks out from that conversation and the "expedited" matte cover sample has still to make its way to my mailbox. I can't imagine what delays we can expect if we decide to move forward with IngramSaprk for this new book. Sadly, these ridiculous delays have also greatly impacted deadlines we had in place with some of our funding sources. As you stated, Robert, it is truly unfortunate that a company that has pretty good looking books is lacking so severely when it comes to customer service. For a while, I really thought they offered a full-package of quality products and service. Those days now seem to be long gone. 

    Thanks, for reading as well.


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