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Title Transfers



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    When I move titles from one printer to another, I ask printer 1 to stop the titles on their end, then no metadata will be sent out. Then I upload the titles files and add meta date to printer 2. Printer 1 and 2 may not use the exact same files, especially not the cover files.

    Eventual, the new metadata will take over, and I check with, if the right printer is in their system.

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  • Dover, Pam

    Hello Paramind Group,

    Are you transferring your titles to another company that uses either IngramSpark or Lightning Source? If yes, there is a transfer process to be followed, which our support team can share with you. We also have an article in our Knowledge Base with information and instructions about this process:

    As for the company name changing, it is really up to you and the company receiving your titles to decide if they want to change this information in the book files for printing. Traditionally, if a title moves from one publisher to another, the publishing company name and ISBN would change. The ISBN has the history of the title (sales, returns, etc). Now, with Print On Demand, you don't have to do that but may want to consider it.

    I hope this helps.


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