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Right Bind books



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    I assume you download the cover template and create it for right-to-left, where you have the front on the left side. The interior has to be the way you want it as well. Adobe InDesign can be setup to right-to-left as well:

    As I remember, Ingram Spark has a comment box, when you setup a new title. At least when you approve the proof.

    I hope a IS staff member will answer you. Otherwise use the support:

    United Kingdom:

  • Chawki Nacef

    Thanks. I am coming from Createspace and would like this to be a successful transition (regardless of the difference in expenses and royalties). We shall see.

  • Dover, Pam

    Hello Chawki Nacef,

    That is what we call a reverse bound book.

    At this time, the IngramSpark website does not provide the special instruction field needed in order for reverse bound books to be set up through IngramSpark.

    You will need to have a Lightning Source account in order to set up and publish a reverse bound book.


  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Sorry to hear that, Chewki Nacef!

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