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Confused about imprints



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    The imprint is you.

    My imprint is "Erik Istrup Publishing", but it could have been "Erik Istrup".

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    I have found that the International support is always very helpful and kind:

    United Kingdom:

  • Lexa

    Thank you!

  • Metaphorosis

    You can have any number of different imprints, which function somewhat like virtual publishing houses. For example, Del Rey Books is an imprint owned by Ballantine (which is owned by others). So, Ballantine is the publisher, but all the books will say Del Rey Books, which has its own logo, editors, etc.

    As an individual, you can still have as many imprints as you want, if you want to differentiate content. For example, Lexa Publishing could be your main publisher, with imprints for horror (Lurid Horror), romance (Luscious Romance), etc. Of course, the more separate imprints you have, the more marketing you need.

    I have my imprints set up at Bowker (the US ISBN provider). I'm not sure IngramSpark requires that, though. You can also specify the imprint when publishing via KDP.


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