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Pricing books - Australia



  • Jennifer Lancaster

    If you think about it from a time and money return, and compare it to even the 10% royalty a trad. published author might make, it is wrong to accept 30c. I cant advise on discounts as I'm not in the retail world but it all depends on how much you want books to be attractive to the usual outlets. Better to raise the retail price perhaps. You can make more profit on bulk sales to library suppliers, try that at least. 

    I have ranted about the over-pricing of Australian print on demand books on places like Booktopia and the Nile. I would not worry about $2-3 but I do worry when its $10 over RRP. I have complained to ACCC about this.

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  • Dover, Pam

    Pricing books for Australia is a question that comes up frequently. It is much more expensive to print in Australia. The retail or list price for a book could be as much as $5 more in Australia than in the US market. I suggest taking the amount of compensation you are making in the US market and convert that to Australia dollars. Then, adjust your retail price and/or discount until you are making  enough compensation.

    As for discounts, in order for bookstores to receive their normal trade discount from wholesalers they buy from, you would want to offer a 53% to 55% discount. Online sellers such as Amazon also prefer this discount.

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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    @Dover, Pam It is easy to see (calculate) the printing cost difference by using the Pricing.pdf.

    To me it is more important that people in Australian do not pay more than others for the same book. 🦋

    @Danielle Kovacic I still see the problem with large books. I have a 5.5"x8.5" softcover B&W creme, but the difference in printing cost is only 0.9 USD.

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