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tiny Print Size on Spine???



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    IS sets a top and a bottom margin on 1 mm, so there should be plenty of space to work with, but the closer the text comes to the edges, the easier it is to spot if the cover is slightly out of centre.

  • Ann R Shannon

    Thank you, Erik! I had asked my designer but his response had to have been wrong, and you have given me the information needed to press the point for a revision!  I couldn't imagine the title or author name being readable at its previous size when standing on a bookshelf, which would have seriously limited its marketability in stores and accessibility on library shelves!  This makes a HUGE difference!

  • Joseph LaFauci

    I know this is a tangent, but is anyone working with Ingram using a screen reader to access content? I am a blind author and recently began working with Ingram. I am not able to read my eProof due to the security settings which disable all reading and extraction functions of the PDF file.

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    @Ann. You are welcome. I assume that your designer has downloaded the cover template from Ingram Spark(?) The spine width is very depended on the paper type in the text block, but not all paper types can be selected to all trim sizes.

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