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CoverDesign Template-IngramSpark Adding 2pages!!!



  • Ann R Shannon

    This is going to mess up my book cover design size for the book. It will now give me 4 blank pages at the end of my memoir, which will cost me more money to print and be weird.  It will cost me more money to have a new pdf created without the 2 blank pages at the end of the mss file I upload for printing.  Can IngramSpark correct this and NOT add the two extra pages at the end of my mss.?


  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Hello, Ann.

    2 pages = 1 sheet, and now 2 sheets. The cover is flexible and don't needed to be changed.

    The page price is so low, so it wouldn't make a difference and IS will not charge you for their extra sheet.

    Good luck and congratulations with your book.

  • Ann R Shannon

    thank you, Erik!  

  • Sarah Holroyd

    You should not add any extra blank pages at the end of your book. IS will not use any such pages for their barcode. They'll always add an additional page or two as necessary. Per the File Creation Guide:

    • PAGE COUNT / FINAL PAGE: All text files will be processed and stored in an even numbered page count (divisible by 2). The publisher should end text files of a book without padding pages and IngramSpark will add any additional pages necessary.
    *The final page of all submissions must be completely blank and is reserved for a check barcode and information for IngramSpark. IngramSpark will add a blank page if necessary.

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