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  • Ann R Shannon

    Does IngramSpark have the same PDF requirements/ formats that KDP uses or are they different?  If it is different, where can I find one for a 6x9 paperback cover design? Thank you!


  • Ann R Shannon

    Also, do I need to include the ISBN Barcode and price on my IngramSpark paperback design pdf? 

    I am going for worldwide distribution and prices will vary by country. Will the price in different countries stay the same, regardless of currency exchange rates, once I calculate them on the book project data form?  


  • Michelle Lovi (Odyssey Books)

    You should use IngramSpark's templates, which can be generated from the link in the Tools section. It will include the barcode and you have the option of including the price as well.

    Yes, prices are fixed until you change them manually -- they won't fluctuate with currency exchange rates.

  • Ann R Shannon

    thank you, Michelle Lovi!  I am in awe of all of you who respond to such infantile newbie questions, and so very grateful.  As technically challenged 72 year old, I am in so far over my head...wishing I had gone for an agent & regular publisher as I constantly hit new whole arenas / hurdles I had missed that are beyond me. 

    Thank you!

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