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Reflowable Epub



  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    I have found out that anchoring pictures in InDesign keeps them in place.

    When the epub i generated, I use the free program, Sigil to make adjustments in the ebook.

    The plugin, FlightCrew can be added to Sigil for testing the epub.

  • Melton Cartes

    Are you using your InDesign stylesheets for Chapter headings and such? epubs are super tricky because the focus is NOT on pagination, but rather different mobile devices and different screen sizes and the content has to reflow.

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Yes, I use the style sheets for chapter headings.

    I export to EPUB 2.0.1

    Paragraph Styles: Heading 1, Heading 2, and TOC-erik for index.

    In the epub i need to put an empty line above the headline because I use the printed book file to generate the epub.

    <p class="Normal">&nbsp;</p>

    <p class="Heading-1" id="toc_marker-4">Hong Kong</p>


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