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Poor Interior Print Quality



  • Metaphorosis

    I used to find that IngramSpark print quality was better than Createspace. After a discussion with them earlier this year, in which frequent, ugly smudges across pages were dismissed as normal, I'm preferring Createspace (now KDP) for all paperbacks except sizes (like 4x6) that KDP doesn't offer.

  • Jenny Garner

    Just received 2 copies of my book and the interior varies significantly between them. Some of he interior pages are blurred whereas other are clear, and it is different between the two books so it cannot be the pdf file.  We choose Standard Colour 70 but this is not as good as the examples of Standard Colour 50 in the examples we were given, the colours are washed out. The colours from the previous edition on CreateSpace are much better and more vibrant, they visibly pop in comparison. Very disappointing!

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Sorry to hear about your experiences.

    I only use 'premium color' and have no problems. This is not true offset print, so I chose the best quality to ensure the best possible experience for my customers.

    The blurring you see should not appear no matter the print type you chose. I assume you have contacted support.


    Good luck with a solution!



  • Jenny Garner

    Hi Erik,
    The premium sample book sent by Ingram Spark did have better colour agreed but I thought it was too "magazine" style for a textbook and my book trim size wasn't available. Just tried my book at a smaller trim (original size does not support premium) to see if I could use premium colour. I then tried the calculator on premium but I would have to nearly double the cost of the book from £29.99 to 57.99! It’s a small medical textbook and I doubt anyone is going to pay that price. Ingram Spark produces a standard colour sample book and the print quality in this sample is bright, vibrant and clear. My book's print is dull and faded like it is printed in draft and its grainy looking as if there should be another layer (or two) of ink to finish the colour? And blurred, well I agree that is just wrong, awaiting "support" from Ingram :-(

    Unfortunately CreateSpace cost is based per pages so it also costs too much, for our 380 page book each medical condition has its own page(s) it isn't a photo book or a fiction book where content can flow after each other.

    I just think if you offer and promote a service, with samples of the expected result, it should live up to that level!

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Hi, Jenny.

    I agree that close to double the price for the premium color is much. Can you bring it down by choosing some pages (sheets) to be printed i black? Then you can reevaluate which illustrations needs to be in colour.

    You are bound if you MUST have each medical condition on its own page(s).


    Reducing font size may give you quite some pages especially because you have 380 pages for the moment.

    If you use a LARGER trim, you may reduce the number of pages because you can have more info on each page. Maybe use two columns at places. (Columns instead of pages so a condition starts on a new column?)

    I hope support finds out that the prints are faulty! (Why would IS offer such pur quality?)

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