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my experience comparing createspace and ingramspark



  • Official comment

    Good afternoon Tariq!

    Thank you so much for posting this.  All feedback is good feedback!

    We are currently in the process of revamping our website (which should address many of the concerns you discussed) and making major updates to the platform.

    I have shared your article with management and with our marketing team.

    If you have any other comments or feedback, please let us know!

    Have a great weekend!


  • stacy734

    Thanks Jana.

    It would be useful to have a way to download a list of titles and other information, like status, etc.  At the moment a user has to page through the "All Titles" listings and cut and paste each page into a spreadsheet.  Also, the "sort by" function doesn't seem to work.  It doesn't sort all the titles, but only the ones on the current page. 

    I've found IngramSpark to be great, and I'm looking forward to seeing your website redesign.



  • Jana


    If you would like a list of all of your titles just send us an email and we can generate that for you.

    It will include pricing, discount, return statuses, etc.

    Most Spark publishers only have one or two titles, so we don't offer it directly on the site.


  • stacy734

    Thanks Jana!

    One more question: have you guys considered distributing to Overdrive?  I make some good sales with them via Smashwords, but I'd rather have a single place to upload titles.  

  • Jana

    Currently we only submit to the retailers listed here:

    Thanks for the suggestion on Overdrive!

  • Jeff

    I completely agree with Tariq's critique of Ingram Spark (IS), and how it compares with CreateSpace.  For all the reasons he mentioned, I have been publishing my Chinese-language paperback books via CreateSpace (CS).  Unfortunately, this week CS announced that it was migrating all of its customers to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), which unfortunately does not support the Chinese language. 

    So I am, at the moment, stuck.  I can't continue to manage my books in CS, and I really don't want to endure all the user-interface problems of IS. 

    To make matters worse, my books can't be transferred from CS to IS even if I wanted to, because they were published via CS and the ISBN's can't be transferred out of CS.  Any suggestions would be appreciated...

  • stacy734

    Hi Jeff,

    I also came to IS from CS.  The interface is certainly different than the one at CS.  My impression is that CS is designed for beginners, and IS assumes you have some experience, have your own ISBN, can make your own cover, etc. 

    Having said that, I really haven't found there to be any interface problems. The interface works as designed.  I poked around on it for a few hours and now it seems OK. 

    The ISBN thing, though, yeah.  You'll have to buy one (or a block) from Bowker.   You wouldn't be able to use CS's ISBN's no matter where you went outside of KDP Print. 

    Post here if you have specific problems, I may be able to help.


  • Jeff

    Hi Stacy, thanks for the quick reply.  I'm waiting to hear from CS about whether they plan to support Chinese in the VERY near future.  If the answer is no, then I may have to move everything to IS, with all the expense and hassle involved.

    Since you seem to have some expertise in this area, here's a few quick questions:

    1.  My books have ISBN's that I got via CreateSpace.  So I assume I have to purchase a block of ISBN's from Bowker (sigh...) and then re-release the books with the new ISBN's.  Are there any copyright issues or other complications?  And will my review history on Amazon disappear when I do this?

    2.  Tariq says that when Amazon sells my books that were published via IS, they often show up as being unavailable or 3-week delays.  Is this true?

    3.  How can I figure out my net revenue from a book that's published via IS but sold on Amazon?


  • stacy734

    Hi Jeff,

    1. A new ISBN will define a book as a new product, so it will have a new listing page on Amazon and the reviews will be lost.  *However* if you give it the exact title and author, you can write to Amazon and ask that the pages be merged.  I've done this four times, and twice they agreed and merged the product pages, and twice they didn't.  I assume it's at the discretion of whoever gets assigned the ticket.  I may wait a little while and ask for those other two again.

    There are no copyright issues, but in my case I had to redo the title pages and replace the ISBN (bleh). 

    2. I've heard this issue with the delayed shipping, but I haven't noticed it with my own books.  Remember the same thing happens at CS in December when they get overwhelmed.  It's possible that IS printers also get overwhelmed and people just assumed it was Amazon's doing when it wasn't.  I'm not sure about that but I'll pay close attention come December.

    3, When you set up your print book, you set the price in the interface and it will let you know how much your revenue will be for each category.  


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