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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    We are working the last details of a children's book in English, original in Slovenian by Romana Ercegovic and illustrated by Simona Cudovan. It is in large, landscape format A4 (11.69" x 8.27") and 32 pages in hard cover. It contains two songs with nodes. I am proud to be selected to publish this gem!

    You are Deeply Loved

    The spring has come to the Land of Heart, but not everything is at it should be. The dwarf, Dwarfie Kindheart finds out that the magic water is not flowing and glowing anymore. With the help from Grandmother Beech the Wisehearted and Grandfather Chestnut the Softhearted, he learns that Little Mouse’s heart has started to freeze and that she is hiding somewhere in the forest.

      Dwarfie Kindheart sets out on a daring quest to solve the mystery. With help from the creatures of the forest, he discovers the unhappy mouse, only to find out that Little Mouse, have had an argument with her mother, and now she feels that she is no longer loved. Because of the freezing heart, the king of the Land of Ice sees her as a new citizen for his kingdom and comes looking for her.

      The fairy, Primrose offers her assistance as well, always been joyful and optimistic, but at some point, both the dwarf and the fairy must redraw to the two old trees, because the mouse chooses to visit The Land of Ice where there are no feelings. Her mother shows up in her search for her daughter, but initially she must give up too. 

      Finally, Little Mouse's mother listens to the tiny voice of her heart, and guided by the heart, she gets in tune with Little Mouse and the ice around her daughter’s heart begins to melt. As a chain reaction to the love between mother and daughter, The Land of Ice starts to melt and becomes part of The Land of Heart.

    Open the cover picture in a new browser window to see more details.

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  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Sad to see that I'm the only one who had responded to this post. There must be other projects in the works out there!

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  • Jana

    Erik - thank you for sharing!  Beautiful cover!  And than you for choosing our new landscape option for the book.  

    We appreciate your business!

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