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Print quality - dirty pages



  • Official comment

    Good afternoon!

    We can definitely look into this for you. 

    Are you able to submit a photo to us?  Please send to and also include your account and order number. We can look into this as soon as possible for you.

    Thank you for using Community!

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    I have not seen this before. Presently I have had a hardback cover where the lamination wasn't properly attached to the board. We had to rip out the text block and take a photo of the cover AND the text block at the same time as well as filling out a form to get a new copy.

  • Jana

    Erik - I checked our tickets and I see you have since received new copies.  If you ever see a faulty order again, contact us asap and we can review for you. Thanks!

  • Metaphorosis

    ? I've ordered new copies of some of the affected volumes, but not of the others. I sent in three report forms with a number of pictures. It's not a one-off problem. Still, I will, as you say, contact you if/when I see this again.

  • Metaphorosis

    I did finally receive a response to this, which boiled down to "That's the way it is; we don't see a problem." Createspace doesn't have this issue, so I'm shifting my production to them whenever possible - that is, not hardcovers or small sizes.

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