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  • Official comment

    Helena - if you would like a sample of our printed product, please email us at  Include name and physical address to send to.

    Also, a retailer will not know where books are printed.

    Keep in mind, with Ingram Spark - you are the publisher, not us.


  • Helena Feltus-Curry

    I am just beginning this process and struggling with the same unknown. What does an ingramSpark finished product look like? I have purchased and read hundreds of books to children over the years as a classroom teacher, and I know that quality is very important to me. I've read so many good things about IS, I like the whole idea of what they offer as an independent publisher; however, the quality, in the end, the finished book itself is the final proof. Poor quality can be a deal breaker regardless of their attractive distribution strategy. I plan to make another trip to Barnes & Noble or Target and ask them if they can provide me with a list of children's picture books published by IS that they may have in stalk so that I can look at them and determine the quality. I hope that I find good quality because I want to go with IS.

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    I only have a hardback with 37 colour pages (80 pages in total) and I find the print and binding quality fully acceptable:

  • Helena Feltus-Curry

    All responses have been extremely helpful. Erik, I visited your website and I no longer have concerns about the illustrations. Natalie's work is wonderful and your labour of love to bring the content to readers is important. Jana, I received an email response as well from Renee inviting me to request a sample. I am truly new at this. Thanks to all.

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    Helena, thank you for the sweet words. Natalie's pictures are indeed wonderful. She had put a lot of work into the 37 pieces, and as the number of languages grows, she has to extend a new picture to cover the spine and back cover as well. Right now I am working to publish the Danish edition in "Large Print" for people with limited visual ability. - I wish you a fair wind with your projects.

  • Helena Feltus-Curry

    I  am looking at IS' File Creation Guideline. I have my illustrations and text how I want them. I discovered that I need someone to format my work and help me submit it properly. I have too many questions to be able to do it properly myself. I noticed several IS affiliates; however, the advertisement offers packages for much more support than I need. I need to work with a company who has experience working with children's picture books and who is willing to tailor what they will charge for the support needed for my book and not in a package of services that I will not use.  What has been your experience and what do you suggest?

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    @Helena Feltus-Curry, if you tell me what you want/expect on I will tell you how you can get it.

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