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Different Print Sizes



  • Ueli Sonderegger

    Hi Shane,

    I published my last graphic novel in two different formats: paperback (A4) and hardcover (executive). This means that the hardcover version is slightly smaller. I set up two titles for that purpose. (as a matter of fact I have six titles, because I publish in German, English and Portuguese)

    You should consider two aspects: marketing and costs.

    Regarding marketing/distribution: If you want to sell both versions over the Ingram channels (Amazon, book stores etc.), then you must set up two titles anyway, and have a different ISBN for each format.

    Regarding costs: If you change the format of a book, then you must upload new PDFs for cover and interior, and IngramSpark used to charge you for that. USD 25, if I remember well. And you wouldn't be able to order the two formats together at the same time, which means that your shipping costs increase.

    I can't really see a case where setting up only one title and then editing it would bring you a real advantage.

    I hope that helps.

    P.S. You should carefully consider if publishing different sizes really makes any sense. In my case, IngramSpark doesn't offer hardcover for the A4 format, so I had to go for another size to offer both a cheaper (paperback) and a collector (hardcover) version.

  • Shane Copland

    Thanks for this!

  • Sarah Holroyd

    The ISBN registry indicates the trim size, so two different trim sizes require two different ISBNs (and therefore two projects in your Dashboard).

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