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Size of font



  • Michele DeFilippo

    Hello Yitzhak. A book should never be formatted in Word, and almost certainly not in Arial. Though many will tell you that book formatting is a DIY task, there's much more to the task than most folks realize. See our post here for just a few of the issues book designers and typesetters consider:

    Careful typesetting has been clinically proven to increase reading comprehension as well. I recommend hiring an experienced book designer to create the "package," inside and out, that will sell your book. Please let me know if you have more questions. I'm happy to help!

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  • Ueli Sonderegger

    Hi Yitzhak,

    While I slightly disagree with Michele in that someone who knows what he's doing can't format a book interior in Word, I have to confirm that a pro can bring your book to another level, whatever tool he uses.

    In my last project I had the same doubt as you about the font size (a graphic novel, in my case), so I went to a local copy shop to print out 20 pages of the book, cut, fold and stitch it to the final size. Then I showed it around, asking for the opinion of my potential readers. Based on the feedback, I went with a bigger font.

    So, if you totally want to do it yourself anyway, I suggest that you print out two or three versions with different font sizes and show it to your target audience.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Yitzhak Weissman

    Thank you, Michelle and Ueli for providing these useful comments.

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  • Tina Fagan

    Hi Yitzhak,

    Congrats on publishing your first book!

    I am a graphic designer/book layout & cover designer and one of the most important considerations in your font size is your target audience. Age does factor into that. For example, if your target audience is 50+, then a larger font size makes it easier for them to read. 

    My advice on using Arial is that if you have a LOT of text, consider using a serifed font (ie: Times New Roman, Palatino and Garamond are my favorites). Using a serif font for large bodies of text can increase readability, along with other factors such as leading, justification, line length, kerning and letter spacing. 

    As Ueli suggested, printing it out at 100% can really help with those decisions. 

    Best of luck! Tina

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