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Marketing Tip: Build your email list at live events



  • Patricia Moosbrugger

    Bookclubs love having authors.  This is a great idea.


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  • Tina Fagan

    Great idea!

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  • John Burke

    One additional tip here... it's not always the easiest to do, but if you have your laptop with you, open up your website to your mailing list signup page and let people sign up that way.

    It has two advantages: 1) you don't have to enter them all later with the chance of a typo or not being able to read someone's handwriting, and 2) they can never complain that that they didn't sign up for it. Mailing list services have a very low tolerance for spam complaints and they know if subscribers signed up themselves or you entered them.

    Of course, passing around a signup sheet while you're speaking is a whole lot easier, but if the situation lends itself to this other method, you might want to try it.

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