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  • Shari Stauch

    Hi IngramSpark community! Shari here from Where Writers Win. You can learn more about us from the IS experts page at under marketing. Have a question about your upcoming release? We're here to help and want every author to be an outrageous success!

    I'm based in Charleston, SC, but am currently working with authors from coast to coast in addition to a few international authors. I look forward to answering your burning questions...

  • Lindsay Jenkins

    Glad to have you here Shari!

  • David D. Busch

    Introduction: I've been writing books for traditional publishers since 1981, and have sold roughly 2.5 million copies of 250 books written by myself alone and/or with co-authors.  My production team consists of two full-time employees, a production manager/editor, and a tech editor, plus a part-time proof-reader, an indexer, a compositor/layout tech, and a cover designer.  At present I am packaging my traditionally-published books for Rocky Nook.

    I've recently begun self-publishing books through Ingram in ebook and POD versions under my Laserfaire Press imprint.  I've published four of these so far and plan to do two or three more per year.  I'm based in Ohio.  I always like to pick up tips, and if anyone can learn from my mistakes, so much the better.

  • Anita Dickason

    I am an author and publisher. I live in Texas and am a retired Dallas police officer. As an author, I have three books, a non-fiction that deals with the death of a witness to the Kennedy assassination and two fiction books. My genre is a cross between suspense and a thriller with a touch of paranormal and light romance. I am working on a third.

    As a publisher, my business is Mystic Circle Books & Designs, LLC. I provide manuscript and graphic design services to help other authors publish their works.

    I write a column, On the Hunt, which is featured in Indie Authors Monthly magazine and on my website, My articles deal with topics on publishing.

    I am always searching for new opportunities that I can share, as well as help authors make an informed decision on critical issues that affect their books. 

    Thank you for the invitation to join the IngramSpark community.


  • Vsach777

    Hi Everyone. To date, I have five (5) published novels, two novellas, and a short story. I have a traditional publisher and I self-publish, so I am a hybrid author. I am an attorney by profession, but began writing before resigning from my last position as a managing director in the legal division of a global consulting company. I live in Florida. My legal career was primarily corporate legal. At one point, I decided to stop limiting myself to reading non-fiction business-related books and started reading mystery/thriller/suspense novels. Most of what I've written has been in that genre.

  • Vsach777

    Sorry for the handle that makes me less visible. I'll fix that. My name is Vincent Sachar. 

  • Joan Frantschuk

    HI All, Nice to meet you. I'm Joan Frantschuk, owner of Woven Red Author Services; I package ebooks and print books and I have a Word course at to teach writers DIY formatting. Self-publishing under the name Joan Leacott, I write contemporary romantic women's fiction. I'm a member of the RWA and a Partner Member of ALLi. I know enough about IngramSpark to get by.

  • Susan Heslington

    Hello all, 

    I'm living in a beautiful medieval village in Tuscany, Italy. Inspired by these historical gems, I bought a pro camera and learnt how to use it. Now I'm making books on the photographs I take. I'm a naff writer so they will be more about my images than anything else.

    So far I've published 4 notebooks using my photographs and hope to expand this collection.  TuscanyVillages Notebook Collection.

    I'm in the middle of a picture book which I hope to publish through IS soon...ish:).

    Its a lot of work, however, I enjoy the process from taking the photo, polishing to designing the book.

    Lovely to meet you all and good luck with your projects:).


  • Nathalie M.L. Römer

    Hi everyone,

    I live and work in Sweden where I run my publishing company Emerentsia Publications. I've published eight books to date and I've recently also started up as a book cover designer (as NML Book Cover Design) using my much older graphic design and graphic art skills.

    I live in a tiny village with less than five hundred people (good for anonymity). Most days I'm found in my writing den working any number of upcoming books.

    I primarily write epic fantasy, science fiction (specifically futurist dystopian stories), and cosy mystery, but I do plan to expand the scope of fiction on offer. My company website is currently undergoing redevelopment but once ready company information will be available at

  • glen


    I'm Glen Stansfield. I live and work in Bahrain.

    I've published two books so far, have two more WIP and an additional two outlined. I write in the crime genre but one of the WIPs is fantasy crime.

    I like to read multi-genre and have even been known to read chick-lit.

    I am registered as my own publisher but hope to expand that to offer services to other authors who are either overwhelmed with the publishing side or don't want to be involved. I hope to offer proofreading,  cover design and interior formatting for ebook and print.

    In the meantime my author site is


  • Jane Steen


    I live in Rye on the south east coast of England. So far I have three full-length novels published and have been doing pretty well in ebooks. I write historical fiction on the genre end of the spectrum, a blend of mystery and saga. I haven't got very far with print sales yet but that just means there's a whole new market out there to tap.

    Jane Steen

  • Mark Peters


    I am based in Sydney, Australia.

    I work in non-fiction (various subjects) and I have helped other authors publish both fiction and non-fiction. I think I've published about 20 books.

    My current project is a long way from fruition; I may be more forthcoming about it as and when it comes together, but for now it is a collection of scraps.

    I read widely, having just enjoyed Annie Proulx's Barkskins and am now about to dive into some quantum physics.

    Happy to entertain visitors at

  • Ruth Kidson

    Hello . . . I'm Ruth Lever Kidson and I live in East Sussex in the south of England.  I'm a doctor, psychotherapist and medical hypnotherapist.

    My first experience of writing was when I was commissioned by Penguin to write a book on acupuncture.  Two more books for Penguin followed.  I was paid a pittance and Penguin did nothing to promote the books (not even getting them in the shops) although they all had excellent reviews in major newspapers.  Eventually, they let the books go out of print.  It was very disappointing.  However, the acupuncture book was picked up by an American company (Inner Traditions) and has remained in print for nearly 18 years.

    More recently, I decided to try my hand at fiction.  I wrote a novel and submitted it to my agent - who loved it.  However, when it came to getting a publisher she hit a brick wall because it wasn't in a specific genre and those that she approached (so I was told), although they liked the book, said 'they wouldn't know how to sell it'.

    I had heard of other disappointed authors (who wanted to write something other than Dan Brown clones or chic-lit) turning to self publishing, so I investigated.  I did a wonderful course with a woman called Christine Clayfield and it was there that I learned about Ingram Spark.

    As a result, I set up my own imprint, Sphinx House, and started to produce books.  From the word go, my idea was to become an independent publisher, publishing not just my own work but that of other writers.

    So far, Sphinx House has published a new edition of my book on hypnotherapy (one of those which Penguin allowed to go out of print), a book on the causes and treatment of insomnia, my novel (published under the pseudonym of Gillian McRae), a facsimile reprint of a very rare 19th century floral dictionary and a book based on that - Rachel Henry's "The Language of Flowers and the Victorian Garden".  Our most recent publication is Annie and John Henshaw's "Narrowboating for Novices".  

    So, quite a wide range of subjects!  In the new year we're hoping for the first of a series of books by Annie Henshaw, and I am hoping to co-write a novel with a friend.  

    One of the drawbacks at the moment is that nobody at Sphinx House is full time . . . and quite a bit of my week is taken up by my psychotherapy practice.  However, I'm hoping that will change and, as Sphinx House becomes more established, I will be able to devote more time to it and, possibly, even take on some full time staff!

  • Errin Stevens

    What an interesting group - I enjoyed reading everyone's comments above. I live in Minnesota in the U.S. (brrr) and have two books out in a paranormal romantic suspense series, Updrift (no. 1), Breakwater (no. 2). I hope to bring Outrush (no. 3) out in Nov. 2018. 

    I was traditionally published but too teensy to warrant much attention. Since I originally come from a pretty high-test marketing communications background (not in publishing), I decided to go off on my own, which truthfully, I was, functionally. I exercised a reversion clause in my contract last April and am now 100 percent in a free fall!!! Boy do I ever have respect for what it takes to back a book - my hubby calls me a 'one-armed wall-paper hanger!' But I'm much, much happier. Still have a ton to learn, though, so hope to go to school on y'all here. :-)

  • Veronica Lloyd


    I'm from Canada and have published 3 titles here.  I've stumbled upon this page quite by accident - I didn't even know Ingramspark HAD a commnunity!  (I've not seen it listed on the site map and will have to bookmark this page to get back here.)

    I am quite pleased that a community is being formed.  I've self-pubbed with another company and it has a great community that is very helpful to newbies and pros alike. I look forward to Ingramspark's community evolving into something similar where we can learn from each other.

  • John Burke


    I am with Pub Site, the new easy-to-use website builder specifically for books and authors. We are based in Carlsbad, CA.

    I have been developing websites for over 20 years, specializing in book, author, and publisher websites for FSB Associates. Pub Site is a new endeavor for us.

    I would be glad to help out and answer any questions you have about websites, from registering a domain name, to choosing a developer or platform, to designing and organizing your site, to what makes a good author/publisher website, etc.

    We will probably file the website issues in the Marketing section so maybe I'll see you there.


    John Burke

  • Peter Appleton


    I am a first-time user of IngramSpark but have previously had one book published via a traditional print-to-inventory company.

    I am UK-based, a Yorkshireman through-and-through. My genre is non-fiction, Local History (where local means that part of north-east Yorkshire around my home village).

    My current project is about England's early chemical industry, the alum industry. I'm awaiting a printed copy of the book to proof that.

    I have already noted that much of the information and advice currently available through the IngramSpark website has a strong bias towards the United States. As a UK-based user, who is accelerating along a very steep learning curve, I will be happy to share my experience with other UK-based newbies.


  • Kenn Phillips

    Well, now that I figured out that the community had a separate login... I thought I was having an ID-10(T) problem. Greetings everyone! I live in Salisbury, NC. I am less a fan of particular genres and more a fan of styles of writing. I like the quick pace of Dan Brown. I like how Tolkien transports you to Middle Earth with ease. For me, the only other fantasy series I've been able to get lost in was Dragonlance. I also like how, in House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski turns your brain inside-out. I've only published one novel so far. Finishing up number two now.

  • Tinker Books

    Greetings from Canada. I am new to publishing and boy has there been a lot to learn about getting books into retail outlets.

    I have one book published, Twisted Tales of the Yellow Brick Road by A. Yasin a delightful young lady who lives in England who I met through facebook and who has been a major factor in my becoming a publisher. It has been quite a journey, to say the least and there has been a lot to learn and there still is much that I need to get sorted out. ONIX for one. 

    I wish you all success in your endeavors in the book world. 

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