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Glossary of terms



  • Official comment
    Lindsay Jenkins

    Thanks for the suggestion Veronica. We do have a glossary section, however we do not include either of these terms and plan to add them asap!

    Please let us know if you have any other terms or descriptions you would find helpful.

  • Mark Peters

    I concur that the wording of options regarding dust jackets and laminate are a little ambiguous on the set-up page.

  • Helena Feltus-Curry

    I am assuming Lindsey's discovery is accurate. So if I want my book to be a hardcover book that is treated with a plastic type coating would I choose, "Case Laminate," under Bind Type.?  What is Perfect Bound? Also, I need to confirm that Premium Color is Laser Print. Under Premium color there is a list of three different choices - my  book is 38 pages so do I choose 4-48 pages (SS)? What does SS mean? What does PF and HC mean under the same heading?

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    1) You chose the Case Laminate and under Laminate Type on chose either Gloss or Matte.

    2) Perfect bound is the clued soft cover. Saddle stitch is folded pages fixed with (two) wire staples.

    3) Premium Color is Laser Print.

    4) Saddle Stitch, PerFect bound, Hard Cover.

    As your book is 38 pages, there is no room for spine print which is from 48 pages and up.

    I have always had good experience with the International Support I live in Denmark.

  • Helena Feltus-Curry

    Thanks for this also Erik.


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