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  • Michelle Lovi (Odyssey Books)

    Those are interesting points. But if you are supplying books to Amazon via Advantage, wouldn't you then become the primary vendor of record? IngramSpark would be the secondary vendor in case of stocking delays etc.

    This is what a lot of authors who use CreateSpace call "Plan B". CreateSpace is the primary vendor of record, with IngramSpark as the backup vendor. You don't need to opt out at IngramSpark at all.

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  • Johann Laesecke

    "Specifically, as publishers, we MUST be able to suspend distribution of a title, and indeed delete it altogether form the control panel."

    This is very important. I am involved in an altercation with Goodreads librarians, who are trying to rename two of my titles to the series subtitles, against my wishes and violating the TOS of Bowker for ISBNs. Long story. I am appealing to Goodreads management but hold out little probability of success, as they depend on volunteer librarians and if staff does not back the librarians, they will quit and GR will have to hire more paid staff (file that under notgonnahappen dot com). I may remove my titles from Amazon, since they own GR and I don't see that as necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I sold more paperbacks on my own (book signings, etc) than Amazon sold. I will step up my promotional efforts and provide book sales (including ebooks) on my website. So I need the ability to turn off distribution to a particular outlet. If Ingram will not allow this, there are other sources.

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  • Dover, Pam

    Thank you for posting on our community board.

    We are currently working to improve the IngramSpark website by making it more intuitive and user friendly. We are also working to make it more self-service, so you have more control with tasks such as removing distribution services, as well as other items.... more to come!

    As for the global distribution network we offer, it is "all or none" for each "market" (markets: US, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada, Global Connect). As an example, if you want your book sold in the US market, all of our US distribution partners must be included and receive the metadata feeds we send them, containing your book's information. It is up to them to pick up the feeds and post the book on their website as available for sale.

    We are non-exclusive, so, you can have your book listed with IngramSpark and work with Amazon or any other company you choose. 

    I hope this was helpful. Thanks again for posting!

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