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Charge for bookstore returns


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  • Sarah Holroyd

    No, you are not charged for anything initially.

    The bookstore places an order through their Ingram account, and Ingram provides the books. You're credited for the sale and revenue, and paid in the appropriate pay cycle. If the bookstore then returns the book (presuming you've elected to allow returns, which is not required), there are two options, depending on which you've chosen. Either IS destroys the returned books, or they ship them on to you. In both cases, the production cost of the books (and I believe the shipping cost) is charged to your account, to be deducted from any earnings already owed to you, or you'll receive an invoice for the balance due if you don't have the accumulated revenue to cover the returns.

    I believe there is no expiration date for returns, so if you allow them, a bookstore could return them months or even years later, and you're charged for the production, etc.

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