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Welcome to all



  • Official comment
    Lindsay Jenkins

    Thank you both for being here! We hope to make improvements as our community grows. Any suggestions you can offer will be considered.

    While I do not believe it will show you read or unread messages, you can click to follow any of the categories. Doing this will send you an email anytime there is a new post or comment within that section.



  • Sarah Holroyd

    Have you seen any way to mark posts as seen? I don't immediately see this, so it would be very annoying to have to look at every category and every post to see if you've read it yet or not.

  • R. C. Butler

    Nothing I have seen yet though you can change the main page from a list of catagories to a list of all posts by clicking the community topics heading. It makes it a bit easier to navigate


  • Sarah Holroyd

    Well, at least with it sorted by newest post first, there's a bit of order. But yeah, not a very visually inviting or friendly presentation. Hopefully they'll sort that out.

  • Peter J. O'Lalor

    Thanks RCB for the community lead. 


  • Tinker Books

    Greetings from Canada. I am new to publishing and boy has there been a lot to learn about getting books into retail outlets.

    You know this looks an awful lot like a simplified wordpress blog site with comments. 

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