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How do I tell a retailer or distributor where to order my books?



  • Michelle Lovi (Odyssey Books)

    Is there a link somewhere on one of Ingram's websites that invites new retailers to open an account with them? That would be my first approach. 

    For retailers who don't want to sign up for whatever reason, do you have a page on your own website that has all the info about your books and how to order directly from you? I have an online bookstore and occasionally get retailer enquiries/purchase orders. Then I dropship the books from my IngramSpark account. I'd prefer they go through Ingram, but it's always good to offer an alternative.

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  • Nathalie M.L. Römer

    @Michelle Lovi

    I'm actually trying to set up a page on my website to provide accurate information for prospective book shops who may come across my website. I've learned from a podcast done by Joel Friedlander how important a media kit is. The "media kit for book stores" would have such ordering information. That's why I posted my comment here because wanted to know where and how Ingram Sparks provides the information that I, as a publisher, can give out so that a book store can get ordering my books immediately.

    I'm in Sweden. It would be prohibitive expensive for me to do dropshipping, either from Ingram Spark to the store directly or with me effectively as a wholesaler. I've already looked at this option. The direct route of stores ordering using the 55% off list price is the best option. But to enable a company to order they need to be able to know where to go for such an order without them being delayed by searching for the information or me searching for it to give to them. That's essentially I'm asking for when asking for something like a link (akin to an affiliate link on Amazon) to place orders and regardless of whether they already order from Ingram Spark or not.

    I give out a link out similar to what I gave at the end of my first post, if they're not signed up it redirects temporarily to sign up before taking back to my page, and if already a client it does it directly. It would list all current available books with an order button, they click the button, list how many copies they want, and the order goes to them. They pay Ingram Spark, I get my compensation 90 days later or whatever if the book sold and wasn't returned.

    The benefit would be for a system like this is that it would boost my promotion capability on B2B level. I can email a potential client, and give a single line of contact to order books with, rather a half page of "this is how to order my books." This increases customer retention, it doesn't distract from the message (my books for sale), and it makes it easier for the sales copy to fall within the attention span of 30 seconds in which most people make up their mind whether to do business or not. It reduces the size of an email. It also pulls the focus back to the place where the books are ordered from, which is the Ingram ordering system.

    With a second layer of integration I can do what you do and have a bookstore, but layer into that this secondary function. It could even be possible with tweaking to offer B2B clients to order books from my site at 55% off list price, but that all functions act to pipe the order to Ingram and that they then do the fulfillment.

    But before any of this is remotely possible it needs to be that I can give a one line method of telling how to order as a time saving device.

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  • Eric V. Van Der Hope (Globalnet Publishing)

    You can refer them to Ingram Content Group directly. There is a link on Ingram's website that invites retailers (buyers and sellers), printers and manufacturers, to open an account with them. Once they sign up they have a number of ordering options available to them. For example: iPage, iSelect, etc. Here is the link where retailers can create an account to order books:

    I hope you find this helpful.


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  • Dover, Pam

    More information can be found in the following article:

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