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Why is there no book picture on



  • Pickawoowoo Publishing Group

    Hi Paul - as a resource expert for IngramSpark Pickawoowoo has come across this issues with some of our self published authors. We've suggested  that they touch base with IngramSpark customer support and ask that the metadata be resubmitted - most of the time it then shows  - essentially it is like a refresh on their system.

    Additionally, signing up for Amazon Search Inside has kick started the cover to show also. Don't know why or how, It just did (show the cover).

    Hope this helps.

  • Yvette Bezuidenhout

    I made a list of all the online retailers listed on IS' webpage and checked where Wayan and the Turtle King was listed and where not. I was pretty shocked to see how many websites didn't carry my title/ had a picture/ metadata missing. 

    I just contacted everyone indiviually and though it was time consuming, it was worthwhile. 

    Some retailers referred me back to IS, and some asked me to email them jpegs of the cover etc. In the end I got more done by taking control of the situation instead of waiting for the game of pass-the-buck game to play out.

    Good luck!


  • Watercolorjen

    If you have an Author's Page on Amazon, you can upload a JPG yourself for any new books you publish.

  • Mathis B. Rogers

    Hello, all. 

    Appearantly, this is still being a problem even after two years. I just published a book for a client using IngramSpark for the first time, and the book has arrived as an option at Amazon, but the cover hasn't.  We did set the publish/on sale date to September 1, 2019, so the book is availalbe for pre-order.

    I clicked on "Support" on the bottom right side of this screen and was informed it could take up to 6 weeks for the cover image to arrive. 

    I contacted Amazon's KDP support via phone, and was informed the same thing.  So at least they've got their excuses synced even if they can't get our books to.

    We were able to log into the author's Author Central Page and pull it into it, and although the page shows the 2nd Edition of the  Kindle Version and the 1st edition of the print book, which was published by a different publisher and that publisher has had it removed, but it's still there, the 2nd edition still doesn't have the cover. 

    Watercolorjen (above) said to upload a JPG yourself to your Author Central page, but that doesn't attach that image to the book.  And the cover for the 2nd edtion of the print book from IngramSpark is the same as the one we have for the Kindle Edition.  We just need to find out how to get the cover on the book at Amazon. 

    As far as Amazon having not removed the 1st Edition, we're presuming that Amazon had some left overs and they're going to keep it listed untill they're sold.  However, as soon as the previous publisher "took it down" the price jumped from 14.95 to 19.87.  But I just checked it again and now it says it's out of print, limited availability and the price has been removed, so maybe it'll go away by the 1st.  We hope.

    I'm also curious if we had gone ahead and done an imediate release instead of holding off until the 1st, if that would have made a difference.  Also wonder if we go ahead and hit release on it now, if that will make a difference.

    Again, this is the first time I've used IS, and there wasn't that much difference from Createspace as far as the formating is concerned. But not getting the cover over is very frustrating.  I wasn't able to get the epub file into 3.0 format, only 3 (never found out what the difference between 3 and 3.0 are) and someone here in this forum did recommend we just do the Kindle version through KDP and all epub versions through Smashwords, so, since those are where I always publish to, that's what we did. 

    She is going to probably have a children's book trilogy ready one of these days, so we'll make sure to release them on the day we approve them and see if the cover issue continues.





  • Mathis B. Rogers

    Update: Just looked in on Amazon at my client's first edition print book and the price has jumped to $125.99.  The other day when I looked at it, it said they were sold out, but now there is one copy available for $125.99.  I am very curious as to how much she would get in royalties if someone actually purchased it.

    Oh, and the cover still hasn't arrived at Amazon from IngramSpark.



  • Mathis B. Rogers

    Update-2: Looked at her book again on Amazon and the cover is there now.  So it only took 7 days to get there.  Also the price of the 1st Edition has gone down to $124.99.






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