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Why is there no book picture on



  • Pickawoowoo Publishing Group

    Hi Paul - as a resource expert for IngramSpark Pickawoowoo has come across this issues with some of our self published authors. We've suggested  that they touch base with IngramSpark customer support and ask that the metadata be resubmitted - most of the time it then shows  - essentially it is like a refresh on their system.

    Additionally, signing up for Amazon Search Inside has kick started the cover to show also. Don't know why or how, It just did (show the cover).

    Hope this helps.

  • Yvette Bezuidenhout

    I made a list of all the online retailers listed on IS' webpage and checked where Wayan and the Turtle King was listed and where not. I was pretty shocked to see how many websites didn't carry my title/ had a picture/ metadata missing. 

    I just contacted everyone indiviually and though it was time consuming, it was worthwhile. 

    Some retailers referred me back to IS, and some asked me to email them jpegs of the cover etc. In the end I got more done by taking control of the situation instead of waiting for the game of pass-the-buck game to play out.

    Good luck!


  • Watercolorjen

    If you have an Author's Page on Amazon, you can upload a JPG yourself for any new books you publish.

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