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1106 Design Introduction



  • Lindsay Jenkins

    Glad to have you join us in Community!


  • Michele DeFilippo

    Thanks, Lindsay. Our most important service is hand-holding and we look forward to offering it here.

  • Abed Peerally

    Delighted to join IngramSpark community and interact. We could learn from each other and make the community stronger. I think that the book sector is entering a challenging new age, where there are new issues and solutions. Only a community on a certain intellectual wavelength could work for the common good.

  • Bernie Dowling

    Hi Michele

     Glad to be on board with a question for you and anyone else. I am an author and small publisher. Which of these two graphics fo do you think best illustrates the cover of a critical book on modern land developers?

  • Joan Frantschuk

    HI Bernie, My preference is for the top one, but neither says modern to me unless you wish to imply that nothing's changed since this picture was drawn; developers are still greedy. Make sure you have permission to use the image. If it's public domain, I'd add a credit to the copyright page.

  • Bernie Dowling

    Hi Joan,

    Here is my cover:

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