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eBook Creation



  • Giacomo Giammatteo

    Lindsay, I use Vellum. They have a magnificent piece of software that not only does ebooks, but they handle print books too. You can find them here

  • Michelle Lovi (Odyssey Books)

    +1 for Vellum for ebooks, -1 for print. But the print function is still new so hopefully will improve in new iterations.

    I also use Sigil for editing code in my ebooks, especially when I need more complex formatting.

  • Michelle Lovi (Odyssey Books)

    I also have to mention here that my good friend Steve has a fantastic online tool for formatting print and ebooks, called Bookow ( I think it gives Vellum a run for its money.

  • Ruth Kidson

    For ebooks and Kindle I use Jutoh . . . a bit fiddly and takes a bit of getting to know, but incredibly good value for money.

  • Metaphorosis

    I export html from LibreOffice and use Sigil for production. Once you know what you're doing, it's fairly straightforward.

  • Erik Istrup Publishing

    I export from InDesign to epub and uses Sigil like @Michelle Lovi to fine tune the code. In Sigil you can add a plugin (FlightCrew) to check the code.

    I export to Kindle (mobi) and pdf as well.

  • Tinker Books

    I used sigil to conver perfect epub2 files to epub3 and they wouldn't pass the validator test. Such a long list of errors that it rendered sigil useless.

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