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  • Paul Donihue

    Lindsay, I am not only an author but have a micro publishing company, Solid Rock Publishing House.  I have discovered that many authors know very little about marketing.  (I also own a marketing agency.) It is my opinion that authors should start thinking marketing as they write their book, even near the beginning.

    However, one real tip, is that before you actually launch your book, do a pre-launch sales campaign. Our campaign is about 4-6 weeks, uses a special one page sales page, contacts many of my various contacts, using, LinkedIn and other social media "friends."  Use Twitter, etc.  

    There are many other ideas.  We actually help authors know how to market their books, and give many different options.  Whatever you do, don't limit yourself.

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  • Bill Donovan, Author

    Lindsay, I have had a great deal of experience marketing as a publisher for 20+ years (business newsletters, a magazine, 60 DVDs, 5 self-written books, meetings from 50 to 2500 people, contests). 

    If you have never been a marketer, getting help from someone like Paul Donihue (whom I don't know) is probably your best bet.  Everything he says above is spot on. 

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  • Barry

    There is a group on Facebook whis lists signing events around the world. It is called Author signings around the world.

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  • John Dee Jeffries 9022009

    Hey Paul Donihue - My am John Dee Jeffries, Published By Parables.  Our ministry publishes Christians books -- FREE  We work through IngramSpark.  We assist our author's in the area of marketing by teaching them several techniques to assist in marketing... There is an elderly author who is republishing all of her books through our ministry.  I have been, without success, looking for someone who can do the marketing for her.  She is elderly, has health issues plus the added stress of other issues.

    Here's what I'm looking for -- she needs someone who can do the actual marketing of her books for gut level is that she needs help for three or four months.  She has indicated that she will pay for this service, but her resources are limited.... I don't know if you can take on this project, or perhaps you might know someone who can,  My email address is  John

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  • Ruth Kidson

    John . . . if Paul Donihue can't do this for your friend, try  You can advertise your job to hundreds of freelancers and decide what you want to pay in advance.  I found the chap who formats my manuscripts into PDF for Ingram Spark upload through Upwork and am very pleased with what he has done.

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