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In Store Stocking



  • amy

    The key for me and my authors is keeping the stores and library's needs in mind.  Approaching a buyer with a list of what you can do to help them achieve THEIR goals will dramatically increase your success rate!

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  • Michelle Lovi (Odyssey Books)

    As a small press, we've found that getting books into stores is largely author-led. It's easy to get the support of a bookstore local to the author, but much harder on a national level. You've got to build a lot of buzz months before the book is published to get their interest. We support our authors through securing advance publicity and reviews, and sending out media kits and catalogues. But the author is usually the one to nudge a store towards an order -- most often because they want to do in-store events.

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  • Veronica Lloyd

    Personally approaching small stores in my area is what works for me.  As small business persons they seem to be quite willing to help.  Chain bookstores are another matter.  While they'd like to stock my books, I can't afford to offer returns and they need to work through the head office.  Oh well!

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