Personalize It! Frequently Asked Questions

Personalize It! This service allows you to create a custom page of content that will be added as the first page of your Print on Demand book. This option is available during the creation of an order, which you submit through your IngramSpark account.

Order creation: a Personalize It! link will appear next to each book order line, within the order. Clicking on the link takes you in to the customization editor where you can add and format text, upload images and even change text color (if you are ordering a standard or premium color book).

To see how your customized page will look, click on the Preview button and you’ll be prompted to open or save a PDF file containing your custom page. Always do this to ensure the personalized page is exactly the way you want it to print.

When your customization is complete, submit your order as normal. We will then store your personalized content for printing separately from your original Print On Demand file, for 60 days.


Q: Does personalization change my original print on demand file?

A: No. The personalized page is created and stored as a separate PDF file that is only combined with the POD file at the point of manufacturing and the original POD content is not changed.

Q: Does my ISBN still appear on a personalized book?

A: No. Personalized books have a unique SKU number created specific to each individual order.

For this reason, the personalization process requires us to remove the ISBN from the back cover of the book and replace it with a 2D barcode contained within a blank white box.

Q: How much does personalization cost?

A: Personalization costs are as listed below. This fee includes the cost of the additional page that is added to your book.

Order Line Qty





1-24 units





24-99 units





100+ units





Q: Can I reprint my personalized content?

A: No. Each personalized book order is stored temporarily so the order can print. The content is then expired in on our servers and cannot be printed again.

Q: How long is my personalized content stored?

A: We store each personalized book for 60 days.

Q: Can I make personalized content available for wholesale distribution?

A: No. While all titles in your account are eligible for personalization, the personalized content is available for publisher direct ordering only.



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    can POD PDF support in LaTeX.

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    Dover, Pam

    Apologies for the delayed response.

    No, I'm sorry, we do not support LaTex. We do support Acrobat Distiller, Export from InDesign PDF/X-1a:2001 or PDF/X-3:2002

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