eBook Sales Report Information

With the eBook Sales Report, you can build a report that provides information on your eBook sales through our distribution channels.

  • Date Range or Period – Here you can select a specific date range (01/01/2018 to 01/31/2018) or a period (January 2018).

*If a date range is greater than 100 days, you will need to select "Email Delivery as file attachment" instead of using the Screen Display option. Also, date ranges cannot exceed 366 days. If you would like to see a report for a longer date range, you will need to run multiple reports.

*Please note that sales data outside an accounting sales period is not recommended. 

*Selecting the period option for a sales report, for a specific month and year, will match the publisher compensation payment for that month of sales.

  • Operating Unit/Currency – Please select LS US only for reporting. All ebook sales are made through CoreSource which is a US company. If you select another country and currency, no report will be generated. 
  • Compensation Type – This refers to eBook sales and specifies whether your eBook was sold through Apple or another retail partner. Selecting CoreSource Agency will display sales through Apple, and selecting only CoreSource will display sales through any of Ingram’s retail partners excluding Apple.

*You cannot select both CoreSource and CoreSource Agency in the same report if the output format is Screen Display. If you select both, you will need to choose “Email Delivery as file attachment.”

  • Optional Filter Criteria – You have the option to include ISBNs, titles, and an author name if you would like a more specific report.
  • Output Format – Screen Display and Email Delivery are both options when running a sales report. If you select Email Delivery, we recommend selecting Adobe PDF as the attachment type.  

 NOTE: If there were no sales, a report will not be produced.

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