Invoice Report Information

On your IngramSpark account, you will receive invoices/charges for services such as title setup, revisions, orders, etc. To review invoices on your account, you will run an Invoice Report.

When running this report, you will be asked for different filter criteria.

  • Operating Unit – This specifies from what country/currency your invoices were charged. For example, if a title setup was paid for in US Dollars, you would select LS US as the Operating Unit. If a publisher order was printed in the UK and paid for in Euros, you would select LS UK – Euros.
  • Date Range or Period – Here you can select a specific date range (01/01/2018 to 01/31/2018) or a period (January 2018).

*If a date range is greater than 100 days, you will need to select "Email Delivery as file attachment" instead of using the Screen Display option. Also, date ranges cannot exceed 366 days. If you would like to see a report for a longer date range, you will need to run multiple reports.

  • Invoice Number – If there is a specific invoice you are searching for and you already know the invoice number, you may include it here.
  • Credit Card Reference Number - If you know the credit card reference number, you may include it here.
  • Output Format – You are able to review the Invoice Report on your screen, or you may choose an email delivery option. Reports are sent as a PDF document with email delivery.
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