2018 Holiday Ordering Information

The end of the year is a busy time for us, you, and mail carriers everywhere. Because of high seasonal demands, please place your orders by the following dates so we can make our best efforts to get them to you in a timely manner.

Recommended Order Dates

Hardcover - November 26, 2018

Paperback - December 3, 2018

***Rush and Express order options will NOT be available after NOVEMBER 21, 2018. These order options will return in the New Year.***

  1. If you have events planned for the rest of the year, order those books now.
  2. High-volume orders take longer to process; order those books now.
  3. Hardcovers take longer to print than paperbacks, so order those books now.
  4. Titles must be in a printable format and approved for production before placing your order.

Additional Order Information

- The peak months of November, December, and early January may experience turnaround times that could exceed 10 business days. Please refer to your IngramSpark order dashboard for the latest turnaround time updates.

- Carefully consider your shipping method, and refer to your mail carrier's website for the latest on their estimated shipping times.

- When placing your order, enter your email address to receive notification when your order ships.

Helping you come through for your customers is our top priority, so please plan ahead to get your orders in as soon as possible.

Printing turn-around times may vary at each facility. Current print times are listed below:

  • US is 15 days for paperback and 20 days for hardback
  • UK is 5 days for paperback and 10 days for hardback
  • AU is 8 days for paperback and 10 days for hardback
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