Trim Size Matrix

Select from a variety of trim sizes, bindings, paper and color options. To see our complete list of product offerings, click the link for the Trim Size Matrix, further below. Covers are available with either gloss or matte lamination, at no additional cost.


Perfectbound: involves binding the book/text block to a printed and laminated cover stock with hot glue.

Case Laminate: case bound covers are made of cardboard wrapped in laminated paper that has the cover image printed directly on it and glued to the book block.

Cloth: Hardcover made of cardboard covered with either blue or grey fabric and glued to the book block.

Jacketed Hardcover: Clothbound hardcover glued to the book block, with color dust jacket.

Saddle Stitch: Pages are bound to the cover with staples rather than glue. Saddle stitch binding is only available with premium color, 4 to 48 page paperbacks.


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