Perforated Interior


Perforated interiors are produced with a tiny line of perforation that allows for pages to easily be removed from the book. Perforations are available in Standard Color (50# paper only) in limited trim sizes. Perforation carries an additional charge per page printed.

At this time, perforated titles are not eligible for sale through traditional distribution channels. Titles with perforated pages may only be ordered directly through publishers’ accounts.

Additional Perforation Requirements:
(only available in Standard Color 50# for 6 x 9, 7 x 10, 7.5 x 9.25, 8 x 10, 8.5 x 11)
Inside Margin: Recommended minimum 1” (25 mm)
Margins: Recommended minimum 0.5” (13mm) on outer 3 edges

(Perforation of interior pages is available for Standard Color perfect bound product in limited sizes. Within a publisher’s designated title, the perforation line would be placed 0.5 inches (12.7 mm) from the bind edge, positioned parallel to the spine, and applied to all pages of an interior.)


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